A new generation sculpture

Robotor’s machines are based on the company’s know-how – the perfect combination of experience in stone-working and robot technology – with a view to simplifying the process and meeting all manner of production requirements.

The company also has many years of expertise in the use of robotic systems for the processing of marble. It was in the heart of the quarrying district of Carrara, the very same that produced the prized marble which Michelangelo used to carve his statues, that our company developed an advanced solution drawing on research and interaction between art, the local area, tradition and technology. The quarried material can now be transformed, even in extreme conditions, into complex works in a way that was once considered unimaginable.

We are entering a new era of sculpture, which no longer consists of broken stones, chisels and dust, but of scanning, point clouds and design. Robotor’s technology adds value by doing work that would be strenuous, risky and dangerous for humans, and by making life as easy as possible.

Company milestones