Join the ROBOTOR revolution

Robotor’s machines are based on the company’s know-how – the perfect combination of experience in stone-working and robot technology – with a view to simplifying the process and meeting all manner of production requirements.

Facing the challenge of innovation means being ready to open up to automation, introducing
technological tools that integrate and complement the set of human skills already present,
liberate the talent of each person, respect experience and traditions.

ROBOTOR’s© robots naturally fit into the company’s operational flow by eliminating tiring work
phases, reducing execution times, increasing productivity and quality without the need for specific
skills thanks to the OR-OS© self-programming software.

18 years of experience in stone processing

ROBOTOR© was born from the experience in the field of marble processing of the two partners
who, in 2004, founded TorArt in Carrara. TorArt uses ROBOTOR’s anthropomorphic robots to
create works for the world’s greatest architects, designers and artists.

Jeff Koons, Barry x Ball, Francesco Vezzoli, Vanessa Beecroft, Giuseppe Penone, Zaha Hadid,
Maurizio Cattelan and many others have turned to and continue to turn to TorArt.

Together with them, important museums and major companies have also used TorArt for the
reproduction of works of art from the past that have had an impact on the media around the

Company milestones