The robotor system was born from a precise working philosophy

The entire ROBOTOR© project was born from a precise philosophy result of 18 years of experience
in stone processing.

The use of the appropriate tools combined with the optimization of work paths allows for machine
use without interruptions 24/7, responding to the need for precise control of working times and
costs. It also allows the operator to attend to other tasks while waiting for the completion of the

A philosophy that has guided the development of the system in its various components.

Extrusion, 7-axis milling, 5-axis water-jet. The use of appropriate tools combined with the
optimization of work paths allow uninterrupted use of the machine, meeting the need for
precise control of processing times and costs.

Application sector
Extremely versatile and usable in a wide range of applications including art, design,

Worked material
Marble, granite, stones, concrete, composite materials

3 models that vary according to size (M, L, and XL) and that allow the creation of works up
to 4.5m in height.

ROBOTOR literally “ready to use”

The experience gained with ROBOTOR’s robots serving great artists and designers allows us to
offer a truly plug-and-play solution: within a few weeks of the order, our customers have the robot
ready for use in the company, personnel trained in the use of OR-OS© and the possibility of
getting to work immediately.
Intuitive and easy to use, the ROBOTOR© robot allows the company to easily and independently
explore the exceptional capabilities of the system or with the help of our personnel.

A few weeks to be operational without any specific expertise

Quick delivery
We continuously update our warehouse to prepare robots ready for delivery at any time

Quick installation
The ROBOTOR system consists of easily positionable pre-prepared modules

Quick training
The ease of use that does not require any specific expertise facilitates the training time for
the dedicated personnel

A complete solution of high-performance hardware and revolutionary software.


Programming and simulation of tool paths
Simplified and precise trajectories
High performance and autonomous processes
Ideal for milling in extreme environments
Reduced operating costs and low cost of spare parts


The machines are extremely versatile and suitable for a wide range of applications. They also allow you to devise, design and carry out complex works in minute detail