3 simple steps: these are the only actions required of the operator

  • 1° step
    attach the 3D file of the model to be created
  • 2°step
    select the type of shape to be executed
  • 3° step
    select the type of processing based on the timing and quality you want to achieve

Technological innovations for processing control: 24/7 operability

All informations are collected through digital devices.
The obtained datas are sent to dedicated software for the complete verification of the different operational stages.
ROBOTOR’s robots enable uninterrupted operation thanks to adaptive control of processing speed, tool consumption control, and more, all verifiable through the dedicated APP.

OR-INTERFACE Human Machine Interface

OR-OS© communicates with OR-INTERFACE for real-time milling control
Controlled start of the CNC program
Controlled tool change
Adjustment of the robot’s speed and Cyber Spindle
Revolutionary functions: “Adaptive Cruise Control”, “Resume Position”, “Home” selection
and intelligent “Tool list” to calculate paths

OR-SAFE CONTROL Automatic Control Interface
Real-time monitoring of the robot and component status (effort, temperature, vibrations,
etc.) and facilitates intervention in case of anomalies through alerts


The two accessories have been designed to improve the robot’s functionality:
OR-OPCUA allows you to control the robot remotely, OR-CLB automatically manages calibration.

OR-CLB Automatic Robot Calibrator

The TCP (Tool Center Point) calibration phase, essential to start processing, is carried out
completely automatically.

OR-OPCUA Machine Platform Communications

It allows you to remotely manage OR-Safe Control and OR-Interface

OR Interface


✓ Controlled start-up of CNC program
✓ Controlled tool change
✓ Speed adjustment of the robot and Cyber Spindle
✓ Revolutionary functions: “Adaptive cruise control”, “Resume Position”, “Home” selection and intelligent “Tool list”

OR Safe Control


✓ Monitors in real time the status of the robot and components (strain, temperature, electronic issues, etc.)
✓ Ease of intervention in case of anomalies, with alerts
✓ Remote support