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Robotor is featured on New York Times! “In Italy, it’s Robots’ Turn to Sculpt”

By 14 Luglio 2021Aprile 5th, 2024No Comments

The NYT uncovers Robotor’s world, made of man’s genius and machines advanced technology. Here in the heart of Carrara’s quarries from the human genius we created highly performing robots that work for the future of Italian sculpture and of the rest of the world.

Excerpts from the New York Times article by Emma Bubola:

“ABB2, a 13-foot, zinc-alloy robotic arm, extended its spinning wrist and diamond-coated finger toward a gleaming piece of white marble… Slowly and steadily, ABB2 milled the slab of stone, leaving the contours of soft cabbage leaves for a sculpture designed and commissioned by a renowned American artist…”

“The founders and employees of this robotics lab believe that embracing advanced technology is the only way to ensure the country stays at the artistic forefront…”

“Mr. Massari and his partner initially bought their robots from local technology companies. But as clients — including, among those who can be named, global stars like Jeff Koons, Zaha Hadid and Vanessa Beecroft — gave them what Mr. Massari called “increasingly crazy” commissions, they started producing their own machines with homemade software and German parts.…”

“Robots can achieve groundbreaking results if they are built “with an artistic sensitivity…”

“In a nearby room, a dozen young, human sculptors were bent over some of the robots’ unfinished statues — including one designed by the mischievous Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan — refining the last details and fixing the inevitable imperfections left even by an intelligent machine.”

Link to the article