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The Smithsonian: “Can Robots Replace Michelangelo?”

By 13 Marzo 2024No Comments

Smithsonian magazine is the magazine published by the Smithsonian Institution, the world’s largest museum, education, and research complex. The magazine aims to examine topics and subjects of research and study by the Smithsonian Institution by sharing them daily on the dedicated website and monthly in the print magazine.

The Institution was founded in 1846 with funds from the Englishman James Smithson (1765–1829) for the increase and diffusion of knowledge.
In December 2023, in the “Innovation” section, the article titled “Can Robots Replace Michelangelo?” was published.

Photographer Caleb Stein and journalist Elaine Sciolino have narrated the world of LITIX (the new company that incorporates the brands ROBOTOR and TORART) in the context of Carrara, the “homeland” of marble and sculptors, documenting the process of a single sculpture’s creation by a robot from beginning to end. The article earned the magazine’s cover featuring a work by Filippo Tincolini, founder along with Giacomo Massari of LITIX.


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